Providing healthcare facilities to the underprivileged



The Dholanwal Free Clinic, located on Multan Road, Lahore is operated by Saira Memorial  Hospital and provides a much needed service to the economically deprived population of the area. The clinic is conducted on daily basis and patients are offered free consultation and medicines for their common ailments. Those patients who require more intensive treatment and diagnostic tests are referred to the parent hospital for further investigation and treatment.


This is a rural health centre located in village Kot Nizam Din, Tehsil Shahkot in Nankana District about 100 kms from Lahore. It is a 5 bed primary healthcare facility with an operation theatre and a separate female and a male ward, outdoor facility with rooms for medical officers and consultants. The complex also has two residences for medical officers. 

Presently is only providing outdoor services. A team of doctors, nurses and paramedics visits the Hospital every fortnight and provides free check-ups and consultation and free basic lab test and medicines. A complete record is maintained and patients are followed up regularly. As more resources become available, we hope to increase the frequency to weekly visits, along with broadening the scope of services being provided.    


Saira Memorial Hospital as a social service provider support groups and organizations serving the general public in the fields of education and healthcare. Presently, the Hospital supports Sharaf-ud-Din Goheer (SG) Public Girls High School in Sheikhupura. The School has 860 students and was established by the Trustees of the Saira Memorial Hospital to support the education of children, especially girls in an underprivileged neighbourhood. In addition, keeping the importance of preventing disease and detecting it early, a preventive healthcare and health Awareness programme is being implemented in the School with plans to expand it to more schools in future. 

For disease prevention and early detection all students are required to undergo a bi-annual medical check-up shall which include general physical examination, height and weight chart and recording of age related development milestones, blood group, eyesight testing, test for colour blindness and ENT examination. The medical check-up is conducted by doctors and nursing staff from Saira Memorial Hospital assisted by staff of School and Community Healthcare Programme.